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Depending on how you use your computer, you may find some of these cool laptop accessories attractive, if not essential. For example: if you travel or travel with a computer, you may need a padded sleeve or crossbody bag to protect it from bumps, drops, and scratches, which can avoid any potential “oh no” moments. (Similarly, a flexible keyboard cover can protect your laptop from the inevitable pet hair and a small amount of coffee spills, and can also help prevent these moments.) Spending hours at your desk? Consider investing in an adjustable laptop stand and wireless keyboard to make your work space more comfortable and ergonomic, so you can end every day without getting a knot in your neck. Lastly, if you do a lot of video calling, even in a dimly lit space, external webcams and ring lights are the best way to spread the light and project crisp, clear images.

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  • Skin Stickers.
  • Replacement Keyboards.
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