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USB Printer Cable 

For the first time bring all range of Hp Usb Printer Cable in Pakistan.

We always face a difficulty while matching the right cables to the right devices. As, you just buy your new printer and this one has a number of new features that you want to try out without any further delay. Meanwhile, everything with this device is just positioned right but a bad thing happens.

As you came to know that the printer did not have its own USB cable to connect it with the computer. Or maybe it has a cable but its length is too much short.

So, what will you do? As you are stuck now badly here!! Well, you do not have to worry about it as we proudly offering a wide range of different USB Printer Cable in Pakistan. From our collection, you can choose easily your cable according to your device.

Also, if your newly purchased printer is an inkjet or laser printer then you must need a USB cable for your printer. So, now USB Printer Cables in Pakistan will be at your door steps.

These Hp USB Printer Cable consist of two connectors as Standard A type (computer) connector at one side and standard B type (printer) connector on another side. Hence, best to fit with your Computer and Printer and can transfer larger files to your printer in seconds.

Moreover, cable has a ferrite choke on the computer end and the cable is quite substantial while Offers you superior durability and flexibility. offers high-quality and original HP USB Printer Cables and Printer Cable Splitter in Pakistan. We also offer parallel 1284 printer cables. Moreover, these printer cables of different lengths and standards are available which are highly compatible with all of your legacy equipment.

These cables are made up of the high-quality material. Also, their Foil and braid shielding helps to reduce every type of interference. Furthermore, twisted pair construction is best to reduce Crosstalk and ensures error-free and fast transfer of data at both ends. Hence, we solve your all Cable-related problems.

Additionally, these USB Cable for Printer Hp are self-configuring to give you the facility of automatic connection to your device. So, these Plug and Play cables require minimal operator acts as the user just do not need to adjust settings on the device and interface for speed or data format.

Therefore their “hot pluggable” technology makes it possible for your printer to exchange data without rebooting the computer.

So why are you waiting? You must not ignore these best quality cables. So, book your order now!! And have your own USB printer cables in Pakistan.

Exciting Features of USB Printer cables:

  • Consists of two connectors as Standard A (computer) connector at one side and standard B (printer) connector on another side

  • Suitable for all USB compatible printers as laser and ink jet printer

  • Foil and braid shielding help to reduce every type of interference

  • Twisted pair construction

  • Plug and Play and requires minimal operator action

  • Self-configuring interface automatically connects

  • Crosstalk prone cables

  • Ensures error-free transfer of data at both ends

  • Best to fit with your Computer and Printer

  • Here to solve you’re all cable related problems

  • Consists of USB cable and connectors

  • Can transfer larger files to your printer in seconds

  • Lifetime Warranty

  • Durable as does not break or get damaged easily

  • The lightweight and Portable product can be carried anywhere with you

  • Expands your Printer connectivity options

  • Offers superior durability and flexibility

  • Well-constructed USB Cable

  • Consists of an interference suppressor toward the cable end

    Excellent value of money

  • This cable has a ferrite choke on the computer end and the cable is quite substantial

  • Works reliably to connect the printer to your laptop

  • Highly recommended by the experts

  • Cheap, fast and best quality Long Printer Cable offers a best USB printer cables price in Pakistan with fast shipping in all the Main cities Including Lahore, Karachi, Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Sialkot, Quetta, Multan, Faisalabad, Peshawar and all cities of Pakistan at the lowest price.