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LED Shoes in Pakistan

Bring some funky life style and be cooler with led shoes in Pakistan. Everyone will ask you about your new LED shoes.

While going outside on foot in night, we normally have to carry a battery or light with us to see in dark. Perhaps, it may become a difficult thing for us to do. Moreover, to wear fashionable and stylish shoes is almost everyone’s favorite work to do.

While visiting a market, we want to buy shoes which are unique, smart looking and comfortable to wear, easy to carry, also which can get everyone’s attention.

So, are you want to buy a good looking, smart, fashionable and stylish pair of shoes for yourself to stand out on a party? Or you are just tired of carrying torch or flashlight anywhere with you? And want to get rid of it? Then you have come to right place. As, Shopse.pk brings a best quality high tech a completely new LED light Shoes in Pakistan for you.

LED light Shoes in Pakistan are rare and couldn’t be find anywhere. Even if they are available, then they will not in such a high branded quality as we offer. LED shoes are a new technology introduced first time in Pakistan.

As it is equipped with LED light, these shoes are known as brightest shoes on the planet. These shoes are also equipped with control buttons, you can also on and off the LED light when you want. That means you can also wear them like an ordinary shoe.

These Fashionable LED sneakers with ultra-cool stylish look are made up of high quality soles. Perhaps, these shoes are ideal for bachelor’s party, farewell and even for mehndi and other night functions. These LED shoes are shores for all seasons as they will remain forever in the fashion.

These Stylish LED sneakers are USB rechargeable and their charging can last for about 6 hours on full charge. Also, the package contains the USB cable through which you can easily charge both shoes at the same time by using a computer or mobile power bank. Additionally, their rechargeable batteries eliminate the harsh impact that one-time use batteries have on the environment. Moreover, as theses pair of shoes are water resistant. So, LED lights will not get damaged if you use it on watery surfaces.

So, if you like something more excited to wear then go and buy LED light shoes in Pakistan.

Some tips for better usage:

  • As these shoes are contained USB cable so can use your phone charger or connect the cable to the computer USB port to charge the battery. You can see charging status, as the lights will automatically turn off, with red lights flashing in outsole. Additionally, it takes 3-4 hours for complete the charging.

  • Use wet or dry clean cloth to clean the shoes.

    To turn of LED light on and off press on/off switch for 3 seconds.

Product Features of Led Light Shoes:

  • Ultra-cool look fashion sneakers
  • Brightest shoe on the planet
  • Best for all seasons
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Easiest to carry
  • Get everyone’s attention
  • LED Flashing light
  • Best Party wear
  • These Led Shoes for adults are Light weight
  • Durable
  • Water-resistant
  • Gives you more confident
  • Rechargeable

Product Specifications of Light up Led shoes:

  • Product Type:  Men and Women LED Light Up USB Charging Shoes

  • Shoe Upper Material: Artificial Leather

  • Lining Material: Artificial Leather

  • Light Mode: On, flashing and off

  • Heel shape: Flat heel

  • Shoes Style: Party

  • Shoes Upper Height: Low

  • Toe Shape: Round Toe

  • Shoes Decoration: Light

  • Working time: 10 Hours

  • Charging time: 2-3 Hours

What’s in the box?

  • 1 x pairs of shoe

  • 1 x USB cable

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