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The global village is huge, and although we are all one world, not all of us use the same electrical outlet. Different countries use different types of electrical outlets and outlets, which means what works for you at home won’t necessarily work while you’re away.
Different countries also have different types of voltages flowing through their conductors. In the US, for example, electricity runs at 110,120 volts, while many other countries have increased it to 220,240 volts.
This is important because you can damage your devices if you leave them at a higher voltage than they are designed for.
But do you need an adapter or a travel adapter? Maybe you should buy both?
First, you should find out the voltage of your device by checking the detailed information, either on the device itself or on the power cord housing.
As a guide, electrical appliances have 3 different voltages: single, double or multi.
Single voltage reads 1 digit: A device like this handles one type of voltage, like 120V
Dual voltage reads 2 numbers like 110V/220V: This means the device contains a switch to convert between 2 voltages
Multi-read voltage 100240V: This is most common on battery chargers and AC transformers for laptops, tablets, and other mobile devices.