Popular Men’s Watches in Pakistan That Can Make You Punctual


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No matter in which age you are living in, a wrist watch has been and will remain to be a timeless accessory that will continue to reflect your personal style to people around you while enabling you to stick to your busy schedules every day. Although there are certain features an everyday watch should have, a fancier watch with more than just a functional dial should be worn on special events to make a fashion statement. Those who are currently looking for a trendy mens wrist watches in Pakistan, should consider buying a more luxurious wrist watch online, as online watches retailers often offer branded watches at phenomenal rates.

Popular Types of Men’s Watches

Finding a good wristwatch is much like finding a pearl in the ocean. Often you can hardly decide which one o buy when you have so many options in front of you. To make things easier, it is better to follow a fashion magazine or a blog to find out about the latest trendy watches and then head to the online watches store. Here is a list of watches which we handpicked for you due to their immense popularity among men:

  • Automatic Watches: Automatic watches are self-winding watches which are either electrically driven or are automatically wound with the natural motion of the wearer. These watches are simple yet extremely smart and can usually serve the dual purpose of being a sports watch as well as a dressy one.Men watches in pakistan
  • Chronograph Watches: A chronograph is a watch with a stopwatch built in. In most chronographs, the chrono-seconds are mounted in the middle, and the watch might have exhibit additional sub-dials for the minutes and hours. Like all good things, chronographs are better when they are older – all great chronographs are often vintage watches.
  • Fashion Watches: No matter how expensive your phone is, you can’t keep looking at it to check the time every minute of the day, every day. Watches can never be replaced, especially fashion watches which add fabulous details to your style. Fashion watches are also a great way to complete a posh outfit, to upgrade your office look, and add more sophistication to your wrist.
  • Military Watches: Super sturdy watches which are really popular among sportsmen and of course military men. If you are an active person, you need a watch that is as rugged and reliable as you consider yourself to b
  • e. Military watches have a simpler clock face but still feel bulkier due to their tough movement and design.
  • Quartz Watches: Quartz watches contain a quartz movement that causes it to move in individual little ticks instead of sweeping the hand across the dial. These watches are low maintenance watches as they contain less moving parts and run on batteries. Quartz watches are hence more durable and way cheaper that mechanical watches.
  • Sports Watches: Watches especially designed for men who do not like sitting down. Sports watches are highly resistant to water and have a more protected movement to ensure the watch doesn’t get damaged. These watches feature a rubber strap or stainless steel bracelet to maximize the comfort level of the wearer.
  • Two Tone Watches: A two tone watch is an evergreen legacy of the 80’s and the 90’s. Two tone of course refers to the use of both gold and silver on a watch. The watches are often characterized by their flashy, clashing colors but it is just perfect for someone who wants something that is between jewelry and a classic watch.

Top Men’s Watches Brands

It’s all about owning a watch that shows class and tells the world that you have been at the top of you

r game too. It is the very same reason, people send hundreds of dollars on extraordinary timepieces. Here is a list of some top mens watches brands that you must consider when you are going to buy a brand new watch for yourself:


  • Hublot: “Timepieces which combine tradition and innovation.” A Hublot watch is truly a piece of art. Each Hublot Watch is exquisitely molded to perfection. What makes these Hublot Watches a whole lot more special is their exquisite range of movements from self-winding chronograph to stunning horological concepts.Rado: Rado’s wide collection of vintage and modern watches is sure to fulfil anyone’s ‘dream’ wristwatch desire. Rado is famous for their unique light weight and scratch resistant material.
  • Rado Watches are classy as well as a sturdy choice that will last y
  • ou for ages.
  • Rolex: The world-famous brand, known for its performance and reliability. The brand showcases a wide collection of luxury Rolex Watches to choose from. These include gold luxury watches, Swiss watches, Oyster watches and many more! Rolex is not only awatch, it’s a valuable collectors item and people often invest on it. The older a Rolex is, the more its worth!
  • Tissot: A Swiss luxury watchmaker that has been in the watchmaking game since the last century and a half. The company is now associated with the Swatch Group, but has never for once, ceased to produce one of the best collection of Tissot Watches in the world. The plus sign in the Tissot logo symbolizes the Swiss quality and reliability. Their watches are accessible and use special materials, advanced functionalities and meticulous design.

Where to find Mens Watches Online in Pakistan?

Searching for a classic watch is not an easy job, especially when you don’t know where to look for it. But after absorbing in the above information, you might as well be able to shop for your desired watches online in Pakistan while sitting in your comfortable chair at home.

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